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Boxley's of Wombourne

'Staffordshire Select' English Beef.

We offer quality assured beef.  We have reached an agreement with our specialist farmers who will rear supplies of local Staffordshire beef on their Staffordshire Farm.  Our beef has been reared and processed through a fully assured and independently inspected supply chain and carries the Quality Standard Mark.   It is traceable back to the assured farm it came from, which is independently inspected and audited.  This ensures that the farm has been scrutinised in all apsects of producing and rearing beef.  This gives you the confidence of the meat you are buying.  All quality assured meat is traceable from our shop where you are buying your meat from, right back to the farm it came from.  The benefits to you are consistant quality, excellent eating and tenderness and succulence. Lean red meat such as been can make an important nutritional contribution to a healthy balanced diet.

Our Staffordshire Beef will be used in the prepartaion of our product range :-

Minute Steaks, Italian Meatballs, Beef Burgers, Strogonoff Burgers, Kebabs, Sausages, Mini Roasts, Tixall Wheels, Lasagne, Cottage Pie, Beef Wellington, Pastry Pies (ie. Beef and Onion, Steak and Kidney etc.),.  From the deli we have our own roast beef, cooked brisket, our homemade corned beef, ox tongue................and many more!


All our lamb is locally sourced from two Staffordshire Farms, Weston Park and Shugborough Hall.  We constantly strive to provide the best quality money can buy with the help of the two local farmers. 


We now offer 'early spring lamb' reared in the Staffordshire Countryside.  This is the most free-range meat you can buy.

"Try our Crown of Lamb or Racks of Lamb".

We use our Staffordshire Lamb to make the following :

Lamb & Mint Pastie, Shepherd's Pie, Minted Lamb Burgers (Gluten free option available), Minty Ribblets, Lamb and Pea Pie, Lamb kebabs, Rack of Lamb, Lamb Rosettes, Minted Lamb Steaks.  All Lamb joints available including crowns.

All our chickens are farm assured.  If you want to make sure you are buying a British Chicken then look no further.  We strive on offering our customers not on the best quality but for the best money you can buy.  The red tractor means the chicken has been produced to high standards covering every stage of the food chain.  All our chickens have been housed under good conditions and transported in safe and clean vehicles.  They have the freedom to express their normal behaviour and have sufficient space to walk and flap their wings with freedom from fear.

We offer a wide range of tastebud ticklers right from our plain chicken filletts, legs and wings through to our marinated chicken filletts including wings of fire and many more.

Our chicken is used to make many products ie. chicken and bacon rolls, chicken stir fry, chicken and mushroom pies and many more.

We are located at:

Boxleys of Wombourne
20 Windmill Bank, Wombourne, Staffordshire


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